AIA Prices

Alliance International Aviation does not believe in advertising “course prices” due to the variables involved. Other schools will give prices for a certain amount of time required to obtain different certificates, Most course prices are seldom accurate and most often far below what you will spend.

AIA will give you details on what the FAA requires to obtain your certificate and also give you realistic expectations regarding the cost. We will give you competitive pricing and be “The Best value in Aviation”!

Airplane Reg # Single Nav Com Dual Nav Com   DME ILS 2 Place Intercom 4 Place Intercom 6 Place Intercom Auto Pilot   GPS Regular Rate Per Hour Block Rate Per Hour
Piper Cherokee N6415J   X   X X   X       X $136.99 $130.14
Piper Warrior II N4317G   X   X X   X         $136.99 $130.14
Cessna 172N N733AH   X   X X   X       X $130.99 $124.44
Cessna 172M N502TM   X   X X   X       X $135.99 $129.19
Cessna 172SP N52070   X   X X   X       X $146.99 $139.64
Piper Arrow II (Complex) N6EC   X     X   X   X     $169.99 $161.49
Robinson R22 N111YZ X         X           $254.99 $242.24
Seneca Twin N1436T   X   X X     X X   X $279.99 N/A
Cessna 150H N6927S   X   X X X         X $110.99 $105.44
Cessna 152 N6409M   X       X           $111.99 $106.39
Cessna 182RG N7362X   X   X X   X   X     $195.99 N/A
Redbird LD Simulator   X   X X       X   X $55.00 N/A
All rates include fuel. $500 minimum must be on account to qualify for Block Rate
Prices Subject to change without notice

Instruction Includes Regular Rate Per Hour Block Rate Per Hour
Flight Instruction - Airplane Includes Flight Reviews and Aircraft Check Out $55.00 N/A
Flight Instruction In Helicopter   $60.00 N/A
Flight Instruction - Advanced (Lead) Instructor   $60.00 N/A
Flight Instruction in Your Airplane   $65.00 N/A
Ground Instruction   $50.00 N/A
Demo Flight Traffic Pattern - Multiple landings $99.00 N/A
Demo Flight In Helicopter Straight Level Flight - Hovering $159.00 N/A
Costal Demo Flight Instructional flight to coast Call N/A
Rental Headset Per Day Use (not hourly) $5.00 N/A
Video of Your Flight On DVD or Your Flash Drive $15.00 N/A
PSI (Lasergrade) Test Total Test Rate (not hourly) $165.00 N/A

Flight Training prices are plane rental price plus instructor price. Add any equipment rentals you may have chosen.

Rental Information

To rent any of our aircraft you must:

  • Provide your Flight Log
  • Personal information and copies of IDs
  • Copy of current medical certificate
  • Fill out check out form and fly with one of our CFIs to get checked out in the aircraft you wish to rent. This could be as short as a ½ hour flight charged at normal rate.
  • Payment for rental must be in advance unless appropriate amount is remaining on account.