Media Room

A place for videos and pictures of interest to AIA customers and aviation enthusiasts.

See AIA in a music video. 'Dreaming With My Eyes Open' -Sydney Haik - Great voice and lots of fun.

See the exciting trailer for the Summer Blockbuster "Journey to the Clouds"

California Life with Heather Dawson doing a segment on AIA's Discovery Flight

Breitling Wingwalkers Official Video 2011

Chino Air Show Action - Dogfights

FIFI's Flight to Oshkosh: Behind the Scenes
September 4, 2011 - David Oliver, 29, takes us behind the scenes as he and other crew members fly the world's only airworthy B-29, "FIFI," to Oshkosh for AirVenture 2011. Take a quick tour of the plane, learn how it flies, and watch four P-51s escort the bomber to OSH.

Rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB

Take a look at this cool video that shows what happens when a storm arrives over your destination airport. The little "ants" are all airplanes.