Chino Airport Location

 Chino Municipal Airport is an active tower controlled airport featuring three runways, so there's always a way to land - no matter what the wind is doing. It's an incredible and scenic place to fly that is virtually in the center of Southern California so everything is within reach. If you have an interest in warbirds Chino Airport was established before WWII and is the home of two outstanding aircraft (warbird) museums - The Planes of Fame and Yanks. When you fly at Chino you may find yourself up in the air with just about anything - P-51s, P-38s and other classic warbirds - even The Flying Wing. Come join the fun.

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Alliance International Aviation
7000 Merrill Ave.
A-230 , Box 69
Chino, Ca. 91710

Telephone: 909-606-0747
Fax: 909-606-0759