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  • Open 7 days a week
  • Very Competitive rates
  • Wide range of aircraft
  • Expert training by highly trained and professional instructors
  • We offer private through commercial and CFI ratings
  • FAA approved Flight Simulator
  • Videos of your training flights
  • Aircraft rentals
  • Headset rentals
  • Pilot’s lounge and flight planning area
  • Pilot store with everything you want and need
  • FAA testing center on site
  • Largest Flight School in the Inland Empire Area.
  • Private, Instrument, Commercial, CFI Training.
  • Twin and Helicopter Training.
  • Biennial Flight Reviews / Instrument Proficiency Checks.
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Ground School
  • Airplane Rentals
  • Mini Mart
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Front Desk - Test Proctor - Stock Manager needed.
Possible Full time. Sales Desk/Customer Service, PSI Test Proctoring, and Purchasing the store and mini mart inventory.
Telephone skills and knowledge of aviation a definite plus. Send resume with availability and salary requirements.

Alliance International Aviation Takes Advanced Training to a New Level

Bill Landers, Owner of Alliance International Aviation (AIA), located in Riverside (KRAL) and Chino (KCNO) California recently announced, “AIA has just placed a Cessna 182RG (retractable gear) on our flight line that now allows those interested in stepping up their skills to train in one airplane for multiple purposes.” Bill continues, “The RG combines contemporary instrumentation and the gentle handling of the Cessna 182 into a package that allows high performance and complex training to be done in an airplane with flight characteristics that nearly all pilots have enjoyed in the past, keeping flying time and cost to a minimum.”

Training is not the only benefit offered by AIA’s new addition, as Bill points out, “our RG will also be available at block rates that invite our customers to make maximum use of the RG for cross country trips where the extra performance of the RG makes it a surprisingly economical choice.”

But high performance and complex aircraft endorsements are not the only training endorsements in today’s flying world. AIA has come up with a program that takes todays training needs into account and helps reduce the cost of improving proficiency. “We are pleased to announce,” adds Bill, “that package plans are available for the RG that can roll the high performance/complex endorsement in with the FAA required Biennial Flight Review, instrument proficiency check and even night currency requirements. By combining these training needs together in one fully capable airplane, AIA can now offer training packages that will not only keep pilot flying skills high but in many cases, may be recognize by insurance companies as meeting recurrent training standards that will reduce insurance rates. Many who own their own airplane may find that such training in the AIA Cessna 182RG will result in insurance savings that will give a good pay-back.” It is great to see a flight school stepping so aggressively into upgrading pilot skills, using the right plane at the right time.

For more information call AIA at (909) 606-0747 / (951) 354-0747
Two Weekends Dec 8, 9, 15, 16

Preparation for the FAA Private Pilot (“Written”) Knowledge test
Two Weekends - Dec 8, 9, 15 & 16 - 2012

Sat. 8-5 pm, Sun 9-5 pm. 30 Hours total. Includes sign off for Private Pilot Knowledge Test (with completion of program and a score of 80% or better on quizzes or final).

Just $295 for instruction. Additional materials required – approx $57. (students may save by using existing materials if they have them)

Classes held in our Riverside Airport classroom.
Reservation Required.

Call (951) 354-0747 or email
Ever since aircraft changed the scope of the First World War, flight became both a passion and business in Riverside. Early barnstormers needed places to park, refuel and service their aircraft, so airports started popping up. Alessandro Field became March Field in 1918. By World War II, seventy-five thousand troops were deployed at March. Today’s March Joint Air Reserve Base has been avital wartime training and relay installation and a sentinel of peacetime. In 1925, Roman Warren, known as the “Cowboy Aviator,” established Riverside Airport, which later became Flabob Airport. Take to the air with authors Marge and Tony Bitetti as they trace Greater Riverside’s history of flight—from Banning, Corona and Riverside Municipal Airports to Perris Airport, Skylark Field and others.

ISBN : 9781609496302
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